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Ride for Pegasus – 12 April 2014

Perfect weather, after weeks of heavy rain and a night of more rain. On the day, the skies cleared and the sun shone down upon us.

Excellent volunteers, 24 wonderful people rallied to mark track, erect marquee, collect moneys, vet the horses, manage the bridges and path intersections, guard the gates, photograph riders, bake, brew and serve homemade refreshments and then pack it all up. Thank you, you are heroes.

Great riders, totalling 37. Some came through muddy, slippery roads to be there for the event. A couple of children on ponies were lead by heroic relatives. Thank you riders for being so brave over the bridges.

Awesome track, 10 km through sparkling pine forest and the spectacular arboretum. We had planned to use the Bicentennial Trail but it was just too wet. We had planned to use the ford over the Molonglo River but it was just too flooded!

Sensational sponsors, Masters, provided one hundred heavy show bags for everyone; Horseland provided a beautiful woollen rug; Equestrian Park provided the grounds and amenities; Elka Fischer from Equine Performance and Wellbeing provided second prize; and Equine Miracle provided third prize. We are so grateful to our sponsors.

Unthinkable not to make special mention of the winner of first prize for fund raising, Mineke Peerboom (who can be seen in the photographic exhibition currently at the National Portrait Gallery). She raised $1,200, a huge amount.

Success in spades, a grand total of $5,000 was raised, so a huge thank you to everyone involved. Photographs by Elizabeth Borowick Photography can be seen on Facebook.

Congratulations to all involved – you have made a difference.

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