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Gundaroo Outing, 13 July 2014

On Sunday 13 July some ACTERA members had a great time in perfect weather riding together out Gundaroo way. This was the first get together of what we hope is many in a variety of different places.

We held a vetting session for a brand new riding horse and then out on a 5 km ‘group’ adventure with four visiting friends. What a terrific session for her taking her another step closer to an official ride.

Then there was a group of eight that whizzed around a 25 km loop that included some farm riding, scenic laneways and good stretch of open backroad. We stayed together and coaxed new skills and endurance out of both rider and horse. What a joy and exactly the reason we own horses!

Post ride we had a lovely lunch together where we swapped horsey stories, solved the problems of the equine world and had some good laughs.

Here is a photo of some of us at the end of our 25 km (click for larger image):

Happy riders at end of 25 km at Gundaroo 13 July 2014

Some other photos show Kali and Ian, and riders on the trail:

Kali & Ian on the Gundaroo outing 13 July 2014     Riders on the trail at Gundaroo outing 13 July 2014

Keep an eye out for the next one. Our aim is to leverage our membership to provide some free no-fuss riding where you not only have a great time with your equine friend but also help you reach those endurance riding goals. Sampling a different venue each time, we hope to introduce you to some great trails that you can just ride on or use for your training. You only need your ACTERA membership and either a NSWERA riding membership or a $5.00 day membership.

Do you know of a trail you want to share? What skills do you need to practice for you or your horse? Drop Ian Curtis or Simon Bain a line and let us know how we can help you join in.