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Snowy Zone Championship Brookvale 5–7 October 2013

ACTERA turned on the championships for Snowy Zone this year. Brookvale looked a picture on the October long weekend, one huge green lawn dotted with glossy black cattle and a flowing creek. Sixty-three brave souls of the 72 pre-noms ventured into the mountains for a challenging ride through Brindabella National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks in NSW. o get those stunning views, you have to take the high road!

There was something for everyone, a four-leg 120 km championship ride, an 80 km ACTERA ride, a two-leg 50 km training ride and a 20 km introductory ride. There were no vet-outs in the introductory ride, and even in the other rides withdrawals or timed-out were more common than vet outs, so horses were very well managed. Congratulations horses and riders!

A huge thank you to all the 40 gorgeous volunteers, the dedicated vets and the cherished chief steward who each put in even more this year with a 120 km championship course and a 15-hour ride time making for a Monday best conditioned workout and presentation for the Snowy Zone Championship. A very special mention for the truly awesome Kim Stephens from Snowy Zone who kept that computer on-task all weekend and taught the ropes to a number of admin tent newbies! This ride would not happen without the contribution of each one of you!

We are also very grateful to our sponsors: Atlas Anatomy Remedial Massage, Bendora Arabians, Hands On Massage, Madgwick Lodge, Masters, PremiAir Hire and ZemZem Arabians.


120 km

Total number of riders: 21. Average completion rate: 52.4%


1 Marty Moran on Jelignite Jack in 10h:11mBC
2 Robert Catlin on Copperkahn Tiara in 11h:50m

Completion rate: 40% (2 of 5)


1 Talea Hasko-Stewart on Blake's Heaven Bombora in 9h:08m BC
2 John Symons on Forest Dale Belle De Jour in 10h:11m
3 Ian Curtis on Blake's Heaven Summer Wind in 10h:50m

Completion rate: 60% (6 of 10)


1 Vetea Facchini on Trigger in 8h:51m BC and first across the line
2 Fia Hasko-Stewart on Wantley Kaliph in 9h:08m

Completion rate: 66.7% (2 of 3)


1 Georgia Curry on Blake's Heaven Venus in 10h:50m

Completion rate: 33.3% (1 of 3)

80 km

Total number of riders: 16. Average completion rate: 68.8%


1= Alan Lindsay on Kintamani Silver Motif in 8h:48m
1= Mark Lindsay on Kintamani Jaffah in 8h:48m
3 Jack Johnson on Sharahd Namaree in 9h:08m

Completion rate: 75% (3 of 4)


1 Bruce Carter on Daharm Zayesha in 8h:18m BC
2 Guan Khoo on Blake's Heavan Summer Reign in 8h:28m
3 Jeremy Banwell on Blake's Heaven Caruso in 9h:30m

Completion rate: 100% (3 of 3)


1 Wendy Jesson on Star Jasmine in 8h:18m BC – winner of the Allen Blundell trophy for horsemanship
2= Kaliana Curtis on Blake's Heaven Carousel in 8h:28m
2= Heidi Kean on Blake's Heaven Angelico in 8h:28m

Completion rate: 57.1% (4 of 7)


1 Cybele Coddington on Wanstead Abracadabra in 9h:30m – winner of the Bruce Neal trophy

Completion rate: 50%

50 km

14 entries, 6 completions (42.9%), 5 timed out, 2 withdrawn and 1 vetted out

20 km

12 entries, 10 completions (83.3%), 2 withdrawn and none vetted out

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